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Are you finding current pre-production planning tools lacking for designing immersive and interactive content?

A traditional two-dimensional script does not work when planning and sharing ideas for progressive technologies.

Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, Virtual Reality & Gaming.

SpaceDraft helps you and your team plan and develop your ideas for virtual space prior to production.

Time, money and resources are wasted without a communication tool that brings you and your team onto the same virtual page.


Coordinate visual, audio and haptic
information in space & time with our
interactive planning tool.


Augmented Reality
The integration of computer generated images with live video or the user's environment in real time.


Interactive Instillations
Often blurring the lines between art and artist, participant and observer. As small or large as required, interactive instillations are about connection through experience and can involve all the senses.


Virtual Reality
Participants are fully immersed into an alternate reality. Think 'Ready Player One'. SpaceDraft helps you design, share and send everything VR.


Holographic Installations
For when you want to bring animated objects into the real world. Holographics can be interactive and are very expensive so efficient planning for them is essential.


Video Mapping
A versatile and portable technique that can be interactive and adapt to any surface. Ideal for working with buildings or a custom stage arena.


Immersive Environments
Blur the boundaries between physical and digital space for entertainment, E-sports, education and retail.


Scripting the Future

Share your ideas for virtual space.


Imagine and Invent

Spend as long as you like
designing your world.
Consider visual, audio and
haptic experiences.


Plan and Collaborate

Connect with other
SpaceDraft users
& developers to test
your concept prior to


Share and Distribute

Share your blueprint for
virtual space and save the
pain of building something
that does not work.

SpaceDraft Team

Lucy Cooke


B.Behav.Sci., B.Comms.M.A.Prof.,Comms.
Feature Film Production & Visual Effects.

Gerard Baldsing

Co-Founder & Creative Technologist

Unreal, Maya, WebGL, Nuke, React, AdobeCC.

Chris Plunkett

Co-Founder & Multi-Discipline Designer

Maya, Unity, Substance Painter, Nuke, DaVinci Resolve, AdobeCC.

Szilvia Fekete

Business Development Manager

Business Analyst; AMP, MLC
and World Vision.



Vee Pendergrast
CEO Stirfire Studios


Tim White
Executive Film Producer


Eric Durst
VFX Supervisor

SpaceDraft was designed out of necessity to help you
share your ideas more efficiently and effectively when
planning entertainment content of the future.

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